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Here at The Event Shop, we pride ourselves in our matchmaking skills. Since our founding in 2000, we have simplified the sourcing of event sponsorships for our clients. On the agency/brand/sponsor side, we’ve saved countless numbers of man hours by quickly locating the best local events to build brands. On the event producer side, we have brought millions sponsorship dollars to local events.


The key to our success is that we truly understand each of the stakeholder needs in event sponsorship arrangements. When it comes to event marketing, one of the most difficult steps is finding the right events, and working through their individual details. When it comes to running a successful event, we understand that sponsorships add much needed dollars to your event’s bottom line, but event producers also need to make sure that sponsors fit their event.

We pride ourselves in being easy (and friendly) to work with. Additionally, we are much more than another event listing agency. While we do employ technology and easy ways to access the information you need, we also have a helpful, experienced and knowledgable staff to truly tailor this process to quickly meet individual needs.

Let us show you what we can do for you. Contact us today.

Deena Walter
Account Executive

As a festival enthusiast, Deena is our "Event Marketing Guru" just because she knows EVERYTHING about EVERY event EVER. Raised in Atlanta and with a background in media sales, she’s now destined to always live within 3 blocks of an ocean, so that noise in the background when you call her isn’t static, it’s waves.

Carol Kirshner
Operations Manager
Trisha Strohm
Account Executive

Trisha is our team member that most resembles the Energizer Bunny.  She comes to us after having spent 12 years in the Ad Agency world where she toiled with some of the top agencies in Chicago and Atlanta. During that time she led several extremely successful, uber-customized, multi-million dollar sponsorship campaigns.   Its kinda weird, but she really does thrive in chaos and loves pulling together all those loose ends to make things successful.  When she is not pulling together event details for her clients, she keeps herself busy by running her own business, Body By Baby, a fitness company that provides morning exercise boot camps for new moms and managing the home chaos provided by her husband, young son and daughter to ensure her house doesn't burn down or end up featured on the TV Show, Hoarders.

Carol has lots of years of experience in working with really serious people managing operations and marketing in the healthcare and non-profit industries. She can write clever copy, spin a great story, run a mean report and keep things organized. However, Carol still kinda freaks out a bit when she hears boisterous laughter and mayhem in the office, but that’s getting better with time.

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