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How We Work To Find You


How We Work

With over 15 years in the industry and a great team of experienced sales people who understand both sides of the sponsorship puzzle, The Event Shop has made it easy to find sponsors for your events.

Our process is super simple and founded on the notion that

Choose The Commission Structure That Works Best For You

We keep a steady stream of sponsors calling us because we do not charge them for our matchmaking services.  Instead, we ask that events agree to pay us a commission on any cash sponsorships we bring to them.  No strings attached commissions are 20%.  Exclusive representation with no upfront costs commissions start at 12.5%

Additional services such as advertising, sponsorship optimization consultation, on-site or virtual sponsor management, contract management, and special market sponsor identification can be paid for a-la-carte for an additional fee or through through a representation agreement.

Register Your Event With Us

Once you decide on the commission structure you want, the next step is to register your event with us. 

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