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Our account executives pride themselves in the fact that they are experts in understanding and balancing both sides of the event sponsorship equation.

When it comes to event MARKETING, one of the most difficult steps is finding the right events, and working through their individual details. Our proprietary database enables us to quickly deliver all the information you need (markets, dates, demos, pricing) to quickly decide which events are best for you campaign. 


When it comes to running a successful FESTIVAL or EVENT, we understand that sponsorships add much needed dollars to your event’s bottom line, but event producers also need to make sure that sponsors fit their event.

We are always looking for new agencies/brands AND events with whom we work.  Check out the services we provide.

Find Sponsors

Submit your event information so we can match you with the perfect sponsor.

Sponsorship marketing

We will help you market your event to agencies and brands seeking sponsorship opportunities

Sponsorship Consultation

We can help you refine and manage your sponsorship sales process.

Find an Event to Sponsor

Planning a tour?  Need an event on a certain day or in a certain market?  We can deliver a detailed list of options to you in one business day.

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